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CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost is the VPN service which has been loved for long because of the Windows app which is more inspiring than its rivals. About the CyberGhost review, its company has the headquartered located in Romania outside group of countries “14-Eyes” which shares the intelligence. It operates with the policy of no-logs which is explained clearly on its website which means the activities you will carry out is totally anonymous to neither the ISP nor the CyberGhost will have any idea of it.
If you want to dig into a privacy policy then you can find that the CyberGhost do some logging using the VPN service. Though, this is unidentified data which can be used to know the demand for the servers in different countries and whether the connection attempts are successful or not. That is the same to what the Hotspot Shield logs are.
CyberGhost offers many servers in the 58 countries where you may pick the servers optimized to torrenting or streaming services. With particular subscriptions, you will get access to the selection of the NoSpy servers. Essentially these are operated and owned by CyberGhost which are claimed to be more private and fast.


CyberGhost Pricing and the Features

The one-month plan subscriptions with the CyberGhost can cost you $12.99. This is quite higher than the present industry average which is $10.38 every month. This is more than the NordVPN which has the plan of $11.99 monthly and which is far than the $6.95 monthly subscription of TunnelBear or Private Internet Access which is monthly plan of $9.99.

Like other VPN services, the CyberGhost offers a similar slate of features which is billed at various intervals. In this, you can pay more for the longer interval though save more for doing so. The annual plan with the CyberGhost will cost $63.00, the two-year plan will be at $88.56, while a three-year plan will sum up to the largest savings which are $89.99. As these savings may be tempting, it’s always recommended to begin with a monthly plan where you will use a service and then proceed to a high pay.The Apps

At this particular time of writing, the CyberGhost offers the apps for Mac, Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS, which has the version of 7.0. This comes with the new interface and also with the browser extensions that are available for Firefox and Chrome. The Android and iOS apps are very easy to use and install. They enable you to choose the �Best server location’, the specific use or country which is Steaming friendly tab that you can choose the server based on a particular service you may use. These can be iPlayer, Netflix, Sky Go, Hulu, Crunchyroll, YouTube, and more.

ConclusionFinally, you may take the issue with some offering aspects of an aspect of the CyberGhost, whether it is a rented server or an exciting history of a company that now owns a service. You may live with all these factors if you are just after the inexpensive VPN which will unblock the streaming services.