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AdWords vs. SEO.

AdWords vs. SEO. The main differences           

Some companies are wondering what to choose for promoting on the Internet ? SEO or Google AdWords campaign. Reasons, which usually help to determine, are based on the opinions of friends or consultants from different e-marketing agencies. Such opinions often differ from each other or are just combinations of various information found on the Internet. That’s why it’s not surprising that an entrepreneur who has seen the time and studied the information feels even more lost. In such cases, people get more additional questions instead of the solution.

Fortunately, there are some facts, which will help you to distinguish between SEO and AdWords and to find the best solution for your business.

FACT 1. SEO (promotion) is not the same with AdWords

When you choose the most appropriate form of advertising, this fact is crucial. Both promotion methods allow you to show your company in Google search as text and that is their only similarity.

SEO (promotion) is inside and outside your business (internal and external optimization), which aim is to make your site relevant to the results of ordinary search by typing a search query in a search engine.

ADWORDS includes many forms of advertising, such as an advertisement that follows the site visitors, banner ads on selected portals, price ads, and product images from the Google web store (Google Shopping). Sponsored links are a text box with bright green word ?Advertisement? that appears above the natural Google search results.

Fact II. SEO and AdWords advertising govern completely different advertising policies.

More than two hundred factors should be taken into consideration during promoting. These factors determine whether a website will appear at the required position in the search result or not. Unfortunately, these factors are not stable, because Google is constantly changing, expanding and improving its algorithms. Such an event as the appearance of your site on so-called Google maps is often associated with the promotion. This phenomenon means that a potential client can immediately learn how to contact you, how to get to your office or check what reviews your company has.

If you want your potential clients to have the ability to contact you just after the Google search stage, the advertisement will be better for you. And if you’re going to maximize your advertising space in Google and to give your potential client a chance to see you on the map, SEO positioning will be a perfect service for you then.

Fact III. SEO effects take more time, but they are more effective than AdWords effects.

New not ranked page can appear in TOP-1 based on low-frequency queries in 4-6 months, for phrases that are more complicated it will take from one and a half to nine months and for the most complicated search queries, we have to wait a year or even several years. However, these results of regular SEO positioning are substantial because of the constant attracting of new potential customers. The promotion also continues if you have a smaller budget than a paid contextual company requires.

As you can see, there are definite differences between SEO and AdWords, and it’s not difficult to make your choice based on them.