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Imperial Hip Hop. What is it?

Imperial Hip Hop for talented people who want to share their talents.

It is an online platform, which gives the opportunity for visual expression and online communication between interested people. Employing Imperial Hip Hop website, you can find, watch or share videos created originally. Also, it allows communicating with people with similar interests. Except for frequent communication, people inform about some news or even inspire each other.

Imperial Hip Hop is an excellent platform for creative and talented people, which gives them a chance to show themselves, to find their like-minded people or even to become famous. Of course, you could be just a viewer on the site if you haven’t opened any talent yet. You have the opportunity to enjoy music and different videos, perhaps even those, which you are not able to find anywhere else.

Before becoming a participant of Imperial Hip Hop website, you should learn the primary information about its working.

Privacy Policy

Information that you provide. They can maintain the personal data you share on the site (it can include your name, e-mail, uploaded content and others).

Information that is collected automatically. Also, they can get and maintain all additional information you leave on the site (for example, comments, your IP-address, date and time of your comments). Besides, they can publish your comment even if it is a guest one.

Your personal, informational usage. They can use your data for many reasons: for your requests? answers, for improvement of the website’s quality and the communication with you.

The reasons for disclosing of your personal information. They never divulge your data. Only in case of a real judicial process, they can provide the law-enforcement authorities or private persons with your data. They retain the discretion to operate with the law-enforcement bodies and private persons enforcement and compliance with the law.

Terms and conditions

Like any other online platform for social cooperation, Imperial Hip Hop has some definite rules, which every user must know and follow. You hold sole responsibility for your behavior on the platform, for the content you share and for compliance with the conditions of Imperial Hip Hop. By using this network, you approve that you have read, understood and accepted its terms and conditions.

Imperial Hip Hop is not intended to children under 13 years old and is suggested only for the users who are of the age 13 and older. However, some content there is available just for persons over 18 years old. By agreeing with these terms, you mean that you won’t watch such videos if you are younger.

Another essential condition is not to publish or make available somewhere else the content from this network.

If you have some talents and want to show it to other people or want to see what other people are fond of, you should try Imperial Hip Hop. It is a platform with bright and exciting content, which you hardly can find anywhere else. Welcome to the exciting world of talents!