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JavaScript or Python

Which one is better to choose?

The software industry is always developing and improving. New tricks are continually appearing. Mainly, it applies to the use of programming languages. The new ones and the old ones are regularly updated. That is the reason why developers-beginners face difficulties with the choice of appropriate language to study.

The developers should regularly raise their level to keep up with changes in the technological fields. Modern programmers have a wide range of languages and frameworks. And each year graduates of universities wonder what programming language to choose for their better career in software companies.

In this article, we will describe two top programming languages to help beginners to choose the one, which will be easier for them to work and will provide significant career opportunities in the future. We will MAKE THE COMPARISON OF JAVASCRIPT AND PYTHON by several essential criteria:

–  Simplicity of use

The speed and simplicity of learning is a fundamental criterion when you choose a language. This is especially important to those who are just starting their path in the field of programming and will study one of these languages from the very beginning.

Python is like it was specially created for beginners. It is friendly for ones who start their programming education and is designed in such a way that it will be easy to understand and learn.

So if to consider the simplicity of use, Python shows better results than JavaScript does. JavaScript is a more complicated programming language.

–  Universality

Python is quite universal programming languages. It is suitable for many kinds of development, including such fields as machine learning and data analysis. You can use JavaScript language as well considering web development and development of ERP system. What about machine learning, JavaScript won’t be appropriate for it. By the way, Python has got the reputation of the most suitable language for data statistics and AI/MO algorithms.

In its turn, JavaScript can be used either as frontend or backend language. Programmers are fully satisfied with it if to speak about full-stack development. Besides, JavaScript is more appropriate than Python when we talk about mobile apps development.

–  Career opportunities

JavaScript is well-known as a full-stack language. Moreover, people with knowledge of the MEAN stack make good money. JavaScript is a common language among the major technology companies and is used both as frontend and backend language.

But it is worth to say that Python has a good influence on the career as well, for example, it fits well to developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis.

Both languages will be excellent for your career opportunities. If you prefer a full-stack development and want to create mobile or web applications, JavaScript will be more appropriate for you. But if you prefer to work with the science of data, it will be better to choose Python.

The choice of language is very individual. You shouldn’t make it due to the influence of the market or other people opinion. The decision must be made mostly based on your own experience and preferences.